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Will there be vendors traveling from outside of Loudoun County?
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Will food be prepared at your event? How many Food Vendors do you expect?
Will water that is not commercially bottled water be provided?
Will portable toilets be used? How Many?
Please note one (1) portable toilet per 100 guests at the peak attendance of your event is the guideline.
Will there be alcoholic beverages?
Is there a plan for trash disposal? If YES please specify: (1) number of trash cans; (2) number of dumpsters; (3) collection frequency; (4) contact information for trash collector
Is there a plan for collecting recyclables? If YES please specify: (1) what will be collected for recycling; (2) number of recycling bins; (3) number of dumpsters; (4) collection frequency; (5) contact information for recycling collector (max 400 characters)

Will the event include any mechanical rides, moon-bounces, et cetera?
Will the event be open or advertised to the public?
Will the event have amplified music?

Will there be any cooking at your event (for example: Grilling, open flame, deep frying et cetera as part of the event or by food vendors)?
Do you intend to use any portion of the Washington and Old Dominion Trail (W & OD Trail) during your event?
If Yes – Have you contacted the Park Manager of the W & OD Trail?
Will tents be erected larger than 20 X 20?
Will there be any use of fireworks, lasers, black powder or other pyrotechnics?
Will any streets need to be closed?
Will vehicular traffic or pedestrians be entering or exiting onto public roadways?
Will traffic be blocked or rerouted?
Will there be onsite camping?
Are animals involved in any aspect of your event?
Have you contacted a Fire and/or EMS provider for your event? If YES what company will be providing fire and/or EMS support for your event? If NO we will provide you with contact information for your local volunteer fire and rescue company. (max 400 characters)

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