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VIEW Mileage Record
Enter your name as recorded in the documents you provided to the VIEW staff:
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Mileage for the Month of:      Year:

VIEW participants that are participating in a work activity approved by their VIEW Case Manager, may be reimbursed for the miles traveled to and from work, a VIEW activity and/or daycare.

Transitional VIEW participants must be working and may be reimbursed for miles traveled to and from work and daycare.

Mileage cannot be reimbursed for traveling to the store, to visit friends or family, doctor's appointments or for trips that are not to or from work or daycare.

Submit your mileage record
after the end of the month.

Your mileage record is due within 30 days of the end of the mileage month. For example, your May mileage record is due by the end of June. Late mileage records will be denied. Each date for the month is listed in the first column. For each date you drive to work, VIEW activity, and /or daycare, write in the number of miles traveled to work in the second column and the number of miles home in the third column.

At this time, the VIEW program reimburses participants at $.55 per mile. The reimbursement limit is $125 for VIEW participants and $200 for transitional participants. You can use this money for gas and routine costs such as oil changes and plates and sticker charges. These limits may change to provide service to everyone. This program may be discontinued at any time for funding reasons. If you file false mileage reports, you may lose your reimbursement privileges and could be penalized under the TANF program's Intentional Program Violations policy.