Loudoun County Traffic Incident Activity
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Aug 27 201623:55:45SULLY RD-SP/WAXPOOL RD-SPDISABLED VEHICLE-77.43493339.004770
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This page contains raw data and unconfirmed information on incidents as they have been reported to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Communications Center. Accidents worked by the Town of Leesburg Police Department are not displayed.
For more information try VDOT Road Alerts
Glossary of incident types:
Major Accident: Crash involving one or more vehicles and possible serious injuries
Property Damage Accident: Crash involving one or more vehicles with minor or no injuries.
Disabled Vehicle: A malfunctioning vehicle possibly impeding traffic flow.
Hit & Run Accident: A single or multiple vehicle crash where a vehicle has left the scene.
Traffic Signal Malfunction: Traffic signals are either malfunctioning or off due to power failure.
An intersection where the traffic signals are off due to power failure must be treated as a four-way stop.
Road Closure: Roadway is closed due to police activity or severe weather conditions.
Roadway Obstruction: An object in the roadway is interfering with traffic flow or motorist safety.
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